Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunrise over Olhao

Regis enjoying the shade on the balcony

When we planned this trip to Olhao we knew how we were getting here and where we were going to live for a month, but other than that we did not have much of an itinerary or plans. We thought we might go visit Lisbon some time, and we might take the train up and down the coast, but other than that our time was flexible. It is a nice relaxing way to travel after years of having to fit vacation into our week long March Breaks every year.

One of the relaxing things we have been enjoying is simply watching night fall over the town. Back home we love being able to sit out front of the house and watch the skies darken over the city, but there are not that many evenings warm enough to sit out until dark. Here you can sit out every night on the front balcony and watch the sun set, the town grow dark, and lights come on across the skyline.
The Back Balcony

The other morning, I woke up early, to a slate grey dawn, and with nothing planned for the day requiring a full eight hours sleep (Always time for a nap later . . . . ), I decided to get up and try to catch a sunrise. The front balcony gets the morning sun, and I thought I might get a nice photo of the sun coming up.

Lovely Sunset
As I rolled up the shutters, the town continued to sleep, but down towards the sea I could hear the drone of the fishing fleet heading out to a day of work on the sea. Although no birds were in the air, I could hear a symphony of bird calls. (Later Linda said it was those “early birds” getting the worms). Timex the rooster was crowing, but that didn't mean anything – I named him 'Timex', because he has no idea what time it is, and crows at 10:00, 1:45, 3:00 am; actually he seems to crow all the time.
Not much of a sunrise . . . .

I did see the sun come up, but it was a disappointing show with too many clouds to get a nice red sunrise, so I shall have to try again some other day when I have nothing planned.

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