Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alternate Campsites

I think this will work . . . .
Camping in an RV, you are quite “self sufficient”. We carry a supply of water in a tank that can be used for drinking washing and flushing, we have two batteries that provide power for lights, heat and some accessories, there is a propane stove and fridge, and the trailer has a small but serviceable washroom.

Given a choice I prefer a nice “full service” site in a “Regis Approved” campground, but occasionally we end up parked someplace else.

You have probably read about our adventures in Walmart parking lots, and this is always an option if we cannot find a spot in a campground. They do not charge to stop overnight in their lots, but it is not “free”, at least for us. Perhaps some folks pull in and just go to sleep, but it seems that Sharon and Regis usually have a “shopping list” of things we need, and that 24/7 shopping is just to hard to ignore. One night we even found a free WiFi signal coming from a restaurant.

I stopped at my sister’s house and turned a section of her lawn into a temporary campsite rather than at a campground, because I wanted to be close and able to spend time visiting her rather than driving back and forth. Here I was able to run a power cable to her outside plug, and a water hose to their garden connection, so it worked well. We did the same thing at Regis’ uncle’s House in Watrous Saskatchewan, using his driveway to park.

At Dad’s friend in Canmore, we simply parked on the street in front of his house. The neighborhood is mostly seasonal people, and he assured us that no one would mind. It was hard to get the trailer level because the street was on a hill, but he gave us access to water and power, so it was actually a comfortable quiet spot to spend the night.

In Edmonton Alberta, we stopped so Sharon could visit her nephew. We asked him about possible campgrounds, but having just moved to the area he did not have any ideas, but suggested that we could park on an unused roadway just down from him. Although without power or water it was convenient for her to spend an evening with her nephew, and there was a Sobeys right behind his house - almost felt like we were back in Nova Scotia.

So, you see, we can always find a place to park the RV for the night.

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